The anesthesiologist assistant is responsible for many different activities that take place during medical procedures where anesthetics are used. They work for the anesthesiologist and provide any services that may be required during this time. The anesthesiologist assistant in many cases is the one who is actually administering the anesthetics during medical procedures. Anesthesiologist assistants are also expected to monitor the effects of the anesthetics throughout the entire process from the administration to the time the patients wake up once they wear off. They must be able to accurately assess the patient’s reactions to the anesthetics as they are administered to determine what levels are appropriate.

Education Requirements:

The anesthesiologist assistant is required to obtain 4 year bachelor degree, much like those who are planning on entering into the medical program. The 4 year degree program will contain many courses that are centered around science, mathematics, chemistry, biology, and other related subjects. Upon completion of the 4 year program, students must then enter into a 2 year master’s degree program for the anesthesiologist assistant.

Work Environment:

An anesthesiologist assistant can expect to work in high pressure situations that require the use of critical analytical skills in order to properly diagnose patient anesthetic requirements during medical procedures. They can expect to work varying hours throughout the week with the potential for being on call for specified periods of time in order to cover hours that are not regularly staffed.  Often times the anesthesiologist assistant may be required to work nights and weekends in order to provide their services during medical procedures that can occur at any time. The anesthesiologist assistant typically works in a hospital environment where major medical procedures take place.

Salary Information:

The anesthesiologist assistant typically earns a very attractive salary, with the average expected salary for anesthesiologist assistants ranging from $160,000 to $180,000. Not only do they make a very competitive salary, but they are also provided with a number of great benefits which provide them with great medical coverage and other additions. Salaries can vary based on location, experience, education, and job requirements.

The anesthesiologist assistant career is a very attractive, yet challenging career that many decide to pursue because of the desire to be able to help people in a time when they are most vulnerable. Not only is this anesthesiologist assistant career a very challenging one, but it is also very rewarding.

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